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K.P.Nataraj with his SiFu Grand Master Sam Hing Fai Chan
Welcome to Yao-Lan Kung Fu School
What is Kungfu? WingChun Kungfu?  Jowga Kungfu? How To Join Our Class ?
Kungfu is a label used to describe any martial art of China. The word Kungfu can be literally translated as skill from effort. It can be used to describe anything that requires a person to invest both time and effort into training to become skillful in that endeavour. But Kungfu is well known in relation with chinese martial art.

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Wing Chun is the most widely known and practiced kungfu in the world. Its techniques are efficient,economical,direct,
practical, aggressive & easy to learn. Wing Chun is simplified form of Chinese martial art. Its Wooden Dummy , Chisao and one inch punch  training are well known in Wing Chun Kungfu training system.
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Jowga is a system of traditional kungfu that was developed from the merits of 3 traditional Kungfu styles, Hung Ga, Choy Ga, and Northern Shaolin. Jowga includes powerful kicks, strong hand techniques, fast foot work, five animal technique, lion dance and more than 18 weapon techniques are being practiced in Jowga.

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Step into the the Yaolan Kungfu School with documents to prove your identity. Anybody can join our class and learn original authentic kungfu. If there is no branch in your area and if you are willing to start one, please contact us through email. We will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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What is Wushu & Kungfu?  What is Black Sash or Black Belt?  How long will it take to get a Black Sash? How to select a Kungfu School?
In contents Wushu and kungfu were same in ancient times. Wushu means war art (wu means war and shu means art). But with the influence of West the name kungfu gained popularity in reference to Chinese martial art. Modern Olympic Wushu over-shadowed the traditional kungfu.
Black sash is given to a kungfu student who has reached an advanced level of skill. The Black sash signifies that, the student has put in his time for learning the art, self defense, self cultivation, physical & mental development, and spiritual enlightenment etc.Yao-lan accepted sash system as standard operating procedure.
Black sash is awarded only after the student can do a certain level of technique, and achievement of skill. It might take 36 months or more. That depends on the student, his abilities, interest, involvement, dedication, and other individual factors like patience & perseverance, time for practice, wisdom and self realization.
Some guide lines are to be kept in mind while selecting a kungfu school. The following is few guide lines: 1)Qualification of the instructor 2)Whether he is recognized internationally 3)How long he had been practicing and teaching 4)Lineage of his style 5)Details of his students and their opinion about him 6)The people around him etc.
What is meant by Kungfu styles? Which are the Kungfu Styles taught in Yao-lan ? How can i become an instructor / coach? How can i affliate my school / association?
Style means ways of teaching i.e, what does it teach and what is it used for.A style is formed with the contributions of masters of many generations.
      1. Wingchun Kungfu 
      2. Jowga Kungfu
The school maintain international standards under supervision of Grand Master Sam Cham.
Join the school.Attend natioanl coach diploma course or 30 days training or become a black sash degree holder

You can affliate your school to yaolan and teach authentic traditional kungfu.Write to us with details of your school including total number of students and black belts.

Regular Kung-Fu Classes
Part-time Kung-Fu Classes
Wemen's Self Defence Classes
Law Enforcement People, Police and Women.

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