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                                   Wing Chun Kung fu , origin & history

Since the traitor Malinger had taught the traditional Shaolin movements to the Manchu army, the senior resident monks (including 5 ancestors) joined together, discussed the situation and decided that a new technique should be developed to fight against Manchu government. They planned to form a fighting system that should be simple, practical and can be learned within a short period so that the revolutionists can learn it within a short period and fight effectively against Manchus. With this aim, the masters contributed all the good and practical techniques from their personal styles and a new fighting system was developed and a plan was prepared to teach the new system to revolutionists to fight against the Manchu government. But unfortunately that plan did not come into effect. Because that time Manchu government attacked the Shaolin temple and killed the resident monks. Only five monks escaped and they got scattered and lived in different places. Four monks and the only nun Ng Mui escaped and found shelter in different places. Ng Mui found shelter in White Crane Mountains in a place called Green Temple . Ng Mui was a senior nun in the Shaolin temple and a member who formed the new fighting system to fight against Manchu government. During the stay in White Crane Mountains , she saw a fight between a snake and a crane. She closely watched the fighting and learned the principles behind the fighting (she did not imitate the movements of snake and crane). Ng Mui incorporated these principles with the previously formed revolutionary kungfu system. In the valley of the White Crane Mountains, Ng Mui met a young girl named Yim Wing Chun to whom she taught the new fighting system and named it Wing Chun boxing. The system was passed down through Leung Bok Chau; Leung Bok Chau taught the system to Wong Wa Bo who was an actor in the Red Boat Opera Team. Some say he learned from Leung Lan Kwai. Wong Wa Bo made the acquaintance of Leung Ye Tai who also worked in the Red boat. He pushed the boat through the waterways and helped to navigate the boat with the use of long thin wooden pole. Leung Ye Tai supposedly had learned the pole technique from Gee Shin, one of the five monks who survived the burning of Shaolin temple. Gee Shin did not know Wing Chun, but he was an expert in pole technique. Gee Shin passed his six and half pole technique to Leung Ye Tai. Wong Wa Bo and Leung Ye Tai were friends and they exchanged techniques. Wong Wa Bo taught Wing Chun to Leung Ye Tai and Leung Ye Tai taught pole technique to Wong Wa Bo and hence pole technique was added to Wing Chun with principles of centre line and economy of motion etc. Leung Ye Tai taught the Wing Chun system to Dr. Leung Jan of Fatsan China . Leung Jan was a pharmacist. Leung Jan was an accomplished Wing Chun fighter and brought public attention to the art of Wing Chun. Leung Jan taught Wing Chun to his two sons Leung Chun and Leung Bike. Leung Jan also taught Wing Chun to Chan Wa Shun, a street vendor and money changer. As money changer Chan Wa Shun had many opportunities to use his Wing Chun skills on the street of Fatsan. Chan Wa Shun had 16 disciples. Ip Man was the last disciple. Ip Man started Wing Chun at the age of 13. Ip Man studied Wing Chun until the death of Chan Wa Shun. Ip Man was a police officer in Fatsan of China and he did not publicly teach Wing Chun. But he did teach Wing Chun to his two sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching. During World War II, Japan invaded china and plundered Ip family estate. In 1949 Ip Man moved to Hong Kong and began to teach Wing Chun for a living. In 1968 Ip Man founded the Hong Kong Wing Chun Athletic Association, which still exists today. Ip man declared July 4 th as universal anniversary day of Wing Chun for remembering Wing Chun history. Ip Man retired from active teaching in approximately 1970. Ip Man--the legend of Wing Chun kungfu--died of cancer on 1st of December 1972. Ip Ching the second son of Ip Man became an accomplished Wing Chun Grand Master in the world today. Ip Ching taught Wing Chun system to Sam Hing Fai Chan a native of Hong Kong, China . Sam Hing Fai Chan taught Wing Chun to Dr. K.P.Nataraj in India , and hence Ip Man family Wing Chun came to India .

K.P.Nataraj is a dedicated Wing Chun master in India and teaches Traditional Ip Man system of Wing Chun. SiFu:K.P.Nataraj is the student of Grand Master: Sam Hing Fai Chan (Hong Kong). He also trained with SiFu: Donald Grose.





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