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                                       Practical Self defense for Women

Yao Lan presents a comprehensive self defence course for women designed by SiFu: K.P.Nataraj. The techniques are simple yet effective methods of self defence that really work. The course is based on certain principles. These principles can definitely improve your self defence skills. Physical training alone will not work in real fighting situations.

But with brain work and scientific principles it becomes effective in real situations. Women become better skilled fighters than men when provided with proper training. However, when confronted with a man of greater physical strength, what could a woman do to protect herself?

Physical strength is not the prime factor in fighting/survival situations. In the area of agility, timing, speed, sensitivity, suppleness, she exceeds the male capacity. Therefore the woman's strategy is to avoid male strength and to use those qualities which she is favourable to her.

This course will teach you to gain all these qualities and skills.

Today we live in a different world where you are reluctant to talk to strangers and not allow the telephone technician into  home without him showing the identity card. Yes, the world has really changed. Now we have personal computer, cell phone, car and our living standards get raised to a very high level. But security of life is lowered. Nothing can guarantee your safety. The best option is having the self defence skill and the confidence that goes with it.

We teach practical steps that would be helpful in avoiding aggressive or abusive confrontation. First technique is to avoid the situation. If it is not possible to avoid, you must know how to face an aggressor in a positive and assertive manner.

There are simple and effective ways to escape from a hold and deliver counter-attack so as to survive any unwanted situation.

Our classes are friendly, and professional. If you are a group of ladies / members of women’s organization / college students / house wives we can arrange separate training schedule for you at your convenience.

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