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Train your body, mind, spirit and experience Art, Sport, Culture, History, Tradition, Self Defence and true lineage.
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Popularize and professionalize martial arts for the betterment
of mankind as a way of life.



Yao Lan Kungfu School is one of the most authentic kungfu schools in India .
Yao Lan is a division of K.S.W.K.F. (Reg.No.K332). Yao Lan Kungfu School is the most popular school in India , as well as the only school as of now teaching authentic kungfu in Kerala state, India . The school was established in 1989.
Kungfu, as a martial art, got popularity in India due to the wide spread acceptance and fan following martial art films had received in India . However, there was a lack of institutions offering opportunities for authentic kungfu training. Yao Lan Kungfu School was established with the aim of filling up this void, and professionalize as well as to popularize true kungfu systems in India . The school was established under the visionary leadership of SiFu:K.P.Nataraj.
The approach of the school-professional and technically grounded-has changed the kungfu scenario in India . However, conditions initially were not conducive enough to train authentic kungfu styles. In the initial years the school taught local styles due to the situation prevalent then–difficulties in communicating with international masters and their organizations.
From 1994 onwards the school started teaching the internationally acclaimed Wing Chun kungfu. Now another system : Jow Ga kungfu : has been introduced. Many students who trained since 1989 onwards have gone on to become kungfu teachers and performers.
The founder of the school is SiFu:K.P.Nataraj. He is a multi-faceted martial arts master, trained in various martial arts as well as different styles of kungfu. He is the direct and personal disciple of Grand Master: Sam Hing Fai Chan of Hong Kong . Sam Hing Fai Chan is a unique world class master who has trained and mastered 3 complete kungfu systems-Wing Chun under Ip Ching and Ip Chun, the sons of late Grand master Ip Man, Jow Ga under Lee Ngou of Hong Kong and Yang Tai Chi.
The school has different units and each unit has independent charges. Yao Lan will promote the good will of kungfu and other martial arts. Sifu:K.P.Nataraj do not teach the beginner level students due to lack of time. But in the advanced levels, his guidance and training is available. His name is used by different unit or branch so as to keep and show the lineage and history.
Our students are from wide range of people from doctors, carpenters, engineers, technicians, businessmen, students, ladies, personnel from the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Kerala Police and also computer professionals, farmers, fishermen, employees etc.
Our class provides the atmosphere for sharp presence and concentration. Uniform and discipline are compulsory. Careful supervision is given to each and every student.
Bodily harm will be avoided while practicing. Our students are supposed to be humble and resourceful in the society and social relations, lest he would be expelled from the school. No prior experience required for you to join our classes.
The aim of Yao Lan and   is to popularize and professionalize the true kungfu for the betterment of mankind as a way of life.

The Chief trainer of Yaolan is Santhosh Kumar.


Regular Kung-Fu Classes
Part-time Kung-Fu Classes
Wemen's Self Defence Classes
Law Enforcement People, Police and Women.

Si Fu K.P Nataraj
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